Lucky zodiac Signs in 2019

Astrologists say 2019 is going to be an eventful and life-changing year for some zodiac signs. It can be highly exciting to know if your sign is among those few luckiest zodiac signs that will be favored by the stars more intensely than the other signs. Here is the list of those fortunate zodiac signs that will be lucky in this year.
Given below are five lucky zodiac signs that will have a positive change in their lives in 2019.
If you feel your routine had been boring in 2018, you are going to say goodbye to the monotonous life that was never interesting. Your life is all set to change now and you will discover a new side of your personality and existence on the earth. Your confidence and bold nature will be admired by all. Your love front will more highly rewarding. Your passion and energy will come to the forefront leading you towards victory.
Leos will find a highly positive change in 2019 that can transform every domain of their life. You will take the necessary steps in this year to achieve your dreams. Life cannot be a smooth ride for all. So, if someone is very well used to the kind of challenging life, they will find this year very easy to deal with. Apart from some lucky things in your life, you will also find your true love this year.

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Virgos are usually shy personalities. However, 2019 will see you coming out of your closed shells to the wider world to prove your real capabilities. You will take the complete charge of your life and will know how to deal with the situations more effectively and successfully. You can find this year highly favourable to start a new career that you had been dreaming about for so long. If you have stopped loving someone, this year will see you escaping them for betterment. You will head towards a glorious future in this year.
Capricorn natives will find this year highly daring. You will be an invincible personality. Nothing will scare you in this year. In both love and professional domains, you will find this year filling you with a confident approach. You had been a lone wolf for long and now you will start actively looking for a companion who will share the life with you. You will never be scared or hesitant to open up your heart to someone special in this year.
The intuitive Pisceans will find this year bring them a lot of changes in every domain of their lives. They must be ready to keep their doubts aside and move forward with their dreams. You will never be able to tolerate someone walking on you in this year. Sometimes, you will even be ready to use force to assert yourself and protect your interests from those who might try to exploit you. Hence more than anything else, courage is the gift 2019 is going to give you in this year.


The gorgeous days of 2019 are exciting us. The romantic nights of the year are beckoning us raising high expectations. Here are the five lucky zodiac signs that will find their love in this year.

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If you are already in love, you will find your love life more rewarding and turn towards some exciting phases in 2019. Wild kind of passion and a high degree of excitement will lead your way in this year. You will have great moments with someone special this year. The most compatible zodiac sign for you in this year will be Cancer. Never choose an Aquarius partner.
The Gemini born will discover their new love in professional circles in 2019. If they are about to finalize their love this year, it is better to choose a partner from the Pisces zodiac sign since this sign will be the most compatible with you. Never go for a love connection with cancer born.
The Virgo natives will be very lucky with regard to their love life in 2019. Those already in love will find this year highly stimulating and regarding with regard to their relationship with their partner. If they are looking for love, they are most likely to find their love life partner this year. If you can find a Leo partner, you will be highly lucky. Never choose one from the Aries zodiac sign.
The Scorpio love life will be filled with a lot of memorable moments in this year. They will be very lucky to find the kind of love partner for whom they had been waiting for so long. When it comes to love, choose a partner from Capricorn zodiac sign. Never go for a person from the Aries zodiac since the relationship might break at some point.
The Capricorn love life will take a sharp turn in this year for better. 2019 will make them courageous to open up their heart to that someone they love intensely from their heart. If you are finding a new love, go for a Scorpio born. Never try to pair up with a Sagittarius one.


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Given below are the three zodiac signs that are most likely to listen to their marriage bells in 2019. These three lucky zodiac signs will take a major step in 2019 towards their love life.


It is time for the Scorpios to say ‘Yes’ to their love. You will concretize your relationship this year. You are most likely to marry someone of your liking. It appears as love had finally broken your walls to enter your life with full force.
The Sagittarius natives will find the year 2019 a highly favourable year to get married. Their long pending marriage will come true around this time. Your wedding will be the most favourite topic for people in your professional and social circles.
The Pisces natives are among the lucky zodiac signs in 2019 who will find their life moving towards eternal happiness this year by giving way to a happy marriage. You will be able to marry the one whom you love so intensely after clearing all the obstacles in your way.

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