Know The Ruling Planet Of Your Zodiac Sign And How It Impacts Your Life

Each Zodiac sign has a ruling planet

One way to understand yourself is to understand your ruling planet. Each Zodiac sign has a ruling planet, which is responsible for some of your chief personality traits. Your true nature can be revealed by the myths and attributes associated with your ruling planet. Let’s find out which is your ruling planet.


Aries: Ruled by Mars

Mars, also known as the God of war, is your ruling planet. Mars is linked with action, desire, energy, determination, and passion, which makes you fiery and passionate. You are full of energy and enthusiasm. You even seem to be ambitious and driven to succeed. You can be impatient and short-tempered sometimes. Always think before you speak. Anger and stubbornness are your enemies, whereas, patience is your friend.


Taurus: Ruled by Venus

The Goddess of Love, Venus, is your ruling planet. Venus rules money and love. The earthly and materialistic aspect of Venus is highlighted in Taurus. You are reliable, practical, stable and hardworking. You are a lover of beauty, pleasure, and comfort. On the negative side, you can be self-indulgent, laziness your enemy.

Gemini: Ruled by Mercury

Your ruling planet is Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods. Mercury is linked with self-expression and communication. The intellectual aspects of Mercury are expressed more strongly in Gemini. You are curious, communicative, and versatile, just like Mercury. You also seem to be intellectual and witty. You are blessed with excellent conversation skills which help you to expand your social circle. At times you get nervous, restless and inconsistent. Anxiety is your enemy.


Cancer: Ruled by The Moon

Moon is your ruling planet, which represents emotions, mood, needs, habits, reactions, and the unconscious mind. The Moon is associated with the feminine energy, which tells that you are a sensitive and emotional soul. You care deeply about others as you have a compassionate heart. Your ruling planet can improve your imagination and creativity. Your ruling planet can sometimes make you moody and irrational. Try not to get controlled by your emotions. Stay optimistic!

Leo: Ruled by The Sun

Sun is your ruling planet. Ego, will, vitality, identity, and the conscious mind is what sun depicts. You are bold, warm, generous, and confident. You love to be the center of attention just like the Sun, which is the center of our solar system. On the other side, you can be boastful, arrogant, and ill-tempered. Be careful because anger is your enemy.

Virgo: Ruled by Mercury

Mercury rules Virgo. You are logical, detail oriented and practical, which helps you to make decisions in the most practical and rational manner. Because of your powerful mind you learn, analyze and focus on the details. This also helps you to achieve perfection in everything you do. But sometimes this can also make you highly critical of yourself and others. Try looking at the bigger picture, see the beauty in imperfections. Compliments are your friends, so compliment yourself and everyone.

Libra: Ruled by Venus

Libra is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love. Venus is connected with love, balance, harmony, beauty, fairness, grace, charm, justice, serenity and co-operation. You are a charming and friendly soul, who seeks love and balance in life. Your ruling planet has also enhanced your artistic ability. You like to be surrounded with beautiful things. You can be self-indulgent and indecisive at times. Stick to your decisions. Determination is your friend and superficiality your enemy.


Scorpio: Ruled by Pluto

Pluto is the God of the underworld and your ruling planet too. Pluto is related to transformation, renewal, and rebirth. Your focus is so strong that nothing can distract you from your goals. You are always curious to know the truth and uncover the hidden things. At last, the truth will only set you free. The negative part of your ruling planet is that it has an obsessive need for power and control that can be expressed in destructive ways.

Sagittarius: Ruled by Jupiter

Known as the King of the Gods, Jupiter is your ruling planet. Jupiter is connected to growth and expansion. And it is also linked with hope, faith, purpose, possibility, and growth. A planet of luck, abundance, and optimism which makes you feel lucky and optimistic all the time. You also like to take a risk as you have faith that everything will work out in your way. Make sure you don’t get overconfident and start believing in things blindly.

Capricorn: Ruled by Saturn

Your ruling planet is Saturn. It is known for restriction, limitation, responsibility, commitment, discipline and hard work. Being ambitious, you work very hard to achieve your goals. Your strong determination always makes you succeed against all odds. Saturn blesses you with patience, focus, wisdom and determination. You are also highly realistic and practical. Sometimes you can be pessimistic, therefore, be friends with optimism.


Aquarius: Ruled by Uranus

Uranus is your ruling planet. It is connected with innovation, discovery and progress. As it spins on a vertical axis, Uranus is different from other planets. And as your ruling planet, you also love to be different. Originality and individuality is something which you love as you are a creative and eccentric soul. It instils a strength in you which makes you stand out in the crowd. But, you can be a rebel sometimes that too without a cause.

Pisces: Ruled by Neptune

Known to be God of the sea, Neptune is your ruling planet. This planet is associated with inspiration, dreams, intuition, and spirituality, which makes you a dreamer. The impact of Neptune makes you highly imaginative, intuitive, creative, kind and compassionate. Your world is full of magic. The negative side is that you can try to escape the harsh realities of life by developing an addiction. Better to stay grounded as reality is your friend and addictions are your enemies.

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