How To Be A Freak In The Sheets And Drive Him Wild


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What does it mean to be a freak in the sheets? Do guys like women who are a little bit freaky when it comes to the bedroom (and how to become this) or are they intimidated by them?

If we look back at the past, we can notice a big change regarding women and their sexuality. You see, before, women were mostly ‘obeying’ their men’s preferences in bed and any kind of misbehavior or contradiction was considered inappropriate.


Back then, women didn’t have that much of a choice when it came to spicing up their sex life and introducing some new things to their partner but today, the situation has drastically changed! In these modern times, the roles have drastically switched and women are actually encouraged to show their wild side because being a freak in the sheets is definitely the new HOT!

The truth is that men simply love seeing you being in control and being incredible freaks in bed! And after, they love bragging to their friends what a hot, confident and inspiring woman you are. Yup, believe it or not, they are simply mesmerized by your freak side, so you shouldn’t wait a second longer to show your full potential and drive him wild!

And now you’re probably wondering how to do it. Do not worry, that’s why I’m here today to teach you the charms of being an ultimate freak in the sheets that will drive your guy crazy! The only thing you need to do is relax and try to remember as many as you can of the following tips below. So, let’s get started!


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1.  Be confident

When it comes to being a freak in the sheets, confidence is the main key! You have to be confident and comfortable with everything you say and do. A man loves understanding his woman, so make sure you always tell him what you want and how you want it.

He wants to know that he can bring you ultimate satisfaction, so be honest with what you need so he knows how to please you. So, if you want him to touch you in the weirdest of places, do not be ashamed to tell him so. As a matter of fact, your man will be thrilled to see your weird side in bed because that’s something that makes you different from the rest.

Never be ashamed of your strange wishes or desires because that’s exactly what he expects from you. Trust me, to guys, there’s nothing hotter than seeing their woman enjoying every single second of it and seeing that you know what you want and you’re not ashamed of asking for it!

2. Take control

Men love it when women take charge and initiate sex. You can start out with a simple, sexy text in the middle of his workday to get him started:

“Thinking about what I’m going to do to you tonight…”

“I love getting on my knees for you.”

“I can’t wait to have you inside me.”


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These texts will immediately set him on fire and he will be unable to think of anything other than you for the rest of the day. The more detailed the texts, the better. You see, men love to imagine things, so make sure to describe to him exactly what you want to do to him and what you will be wearing. (Trust me, he won’t be able to think about anything else besides you.)

3. Suggest new, kinky ideas

Take the initiative and suggest new ideas. Try out new sex positions or bring some toys into the bedroom. Men don’t always like being the one in control; sometimes they like when their lover takes over so they don’t have to think about it.

You can try out the power of blindfold and tease him with some hot and cold sensations like an ice cube, warm chocolate, champagne or whatever suits you! You can also show him what a freak in the sheets you are by playing a game of questions and answers, where you punish him or reward him in accordance with his answer.

You can also use handcuffs, your nails, whips and whatever comes to your mind. The one thing to remember is that no matter what you do, even if you think it’s too naughty or he won’t be into it, do it anyways. They will never know until they try it and when they are in the mood, they will do almost anything.


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4. Mix things up

Be careful not to stick to the same sex routine because if you do, chances are you’ll both get bored soon. Always be in pursuit of new things and do some sexy stuff to mix it up! Try things like going down on him when he is sleeping.

Try meeting him to have sex in your car. Send him some naughty pictures while he’s at work or give him an erection in a public place. If you do this, he will be excited about what’s next and he will see you as a sex goddess!

These little things will make him go crazy for you. It doesn’t always have to be about sex positions and how great you are in bed. Men love the build-up, so don’t wait a second longer to show him what a pro you are!

5. Tease him all the time


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Remember to tease your guy all the time, when he’s at work, when he’s next to you, or wherever he is at that moment. You can tease him via text messages, sending pictures or whispering in his ear some kinky stuff that you want to do to him later.

Let it become your daily routine to do these little things that will make him think of you all the time. Teasing works on the principle: “Here’s what I’ve got but I won’t give it to you until I decide to.” And if you add your dirty imagination to it, congratulations! You have just become one hot freak in the sheets.

You see, domination and teasing go side by side and to make him go wild for you, you have to master combining both and I assure you that you’ll then be unstoppable. He will be unable to stop bragging to his friends about what a sexy freak bomb you are.

6. Wear crazy, sexy outfits

I’m sure you already know the sheer power of your appearance when it comes to men. To be an absolute freak in the sheets, you have to make sure to always wear some crazy, sexy outfits that will leave him speechless.


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The things you need to do are to pay attention to the material of your sexy outfits (always prefer wearing silk over something else if you can), choose dominant colors like red, black, deep purple and similar and thrive to find the weirdest designs of panties, lingerie and other sexy outfits.

The key message that you want to send him by doing all of this is that you’re bold, confident and you’re not ashamed to wear the craziest outfits in the world. You want to show your guy how comfortable you are in your skin and that you’re a woman who is not afraid to move boundaries or play against the rules.

7. Make naughty coupons

I did this one for my boyfriend as a gift for his birthday and there are no words with which I could express how delighted he was with my ingenuity (and performance as well). So, if you haven’t tried the beauty of naughty coupons, now is the time to roll up your sleeves and do so!

Basically, what you need to do is make little coupons on a piece of paper where you will write something that you will do for him when he chooses that particular coupon. Write some naughty things like ‘lap dance’, ‘sexual fantasy’, ‘role playing’ and so on.

To spice things even more up, you can decide to have a ‘no panties day’ or you can offer him a ‘wild card’ where you will do anything, anytime that day. The freakier, the more it will make him go crazily, irreversibly wild!


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8. Enjoy sex with all of your body and soul

If you’re not that into having sex that day, it is always better to do nothing than do something that you don’t want to do because if you do, he will know it, too. So, if you’re not in the mood or aren’t feeling sexy, there are some things that can help you get you in the mood for sex.

Put on some sexy lingerie or turn on some good music and pull up some sexy pics of your man to get you ready for him. Show him you are so into him by whispering in his ear and telling him how much you want him. Take off his clothes slowly and kiss every single part of his body when doing so.

Worship every single part of him and make him feel like he is your king. Be loud but not obnoxious or fake. Be loud enough for him to feel like he is giving you the ultimate pleasure. Show the beast inside you and you will drive him wild in no time!


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