7 Signs Your Partner is Too Controlling





When you’re blinded by your feelings, it’s hard to realize when your partner is taking control of your whole life. Doing things solely because your partner is making you is unhealthy. Controlling behavior in a partner is very toxic to a relationship and can lead to emotional or physical abuse. If you believe your partner may be too controlling, read these signs below:


They criticize you constantly
Your partner makes you feel inferior to them. They always have something to say about you, whether it’s about your weight, your outfit or even your personality. No matter how hard you try to change for them, they act like they’re never fully satisfied.
They manipulate you
They always find a way to trick you into doing something for them. They use emotions as conditions: “I love you so much more when you work out,” or “If you can’t do this for me, why am I even with you?” They manipulate your feelings in order to get what they want, even if it hurts you.


They intimidate you with empty threats
A major sign in a controlling relationship is when threatening comes into play. Do they threaten to harm you or themselves if you try to leave the relationship? Or do they threaten to leave you if you don’t change for them? Some forms of threatening may not be so blatant, so be weary for underlying threats. If your partner threatens you with physical abuse, please reach out to The National Domestic Violence Hotline.


They spy on you all the time
Have you ever caught your partner snooping through your phone while you’re asleep? Although many people admit to looking through their partner’s private belongings (34 percent of women in relationships, according to one study), it’s not okay for a partner to be looking through your life. Many partners take it much further and track who you’re with and what you’re doing at all times. They will go to the ends of the earth just to figure out what you’re doing when you’re not with them.


They keep you away from your loved ones
They think they know what’s best for you, and to them your closest friends and family are not good for you. They don’t like when you’re out with your best friend, sister or even your own mother. Your partner thinks your family is ruining the relationship, but they’re really trying to help you leave the controller.


They never trust you
They question everything you do. They always need proof to believe anything you say, even for something as little as going to the grocery store. No matter how hard you try to gain their trust, they refuse to believe you’re being honest.


They never compromise
It’s their way or the highway. They want you to go out with their friends but they don’t even bother trying to meet your friends. They have a tantrum whenever things don’t go the way they planned, and it seems like you have to barter with them to have a chance at what you want.





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