6 Painfully Honest Things Guys Wish Women Knew About Sex



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No one likes to hear the fact their performance in bed could get a bit better. We all like to think that we are great in bed and that our magical work doesn’t need more improvement. Well, there are people out there who would disagree and when you think about it, it’s a bit cocky to think that you know everything.

I can compare this with relationships. Imagine how many times you’ve been hurt or it just didn’t work out because you and your boyfriend couldn’t find common ground to stand on. Well, if you shared more information, talked more and really tried to solve things by saying what can get improved, maybe you would have stayed together. Maybe you would have solved the problem.

It’s the same when we talk about sex. Isn’t it better when your partner tells you what’s wrong and what he wants to change than to keep his mouth shut until he has had enough? It’s so much easier when your boyfriend is straight up with you and he tells you exactly what he likes and what he doesn’t like when you’re having sex. On the other hand, it will be a better experience for the both of you if you and him hear each other out and solve things that need to be solved.

So here they are, the most common and brutally honest things guys wish women knew about sex

1. Don’t shut down the possibility of trying new things right now

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Change can be good, and it can show you things you probably never knew you’d like. Don’t shut him down with his proposals right now. Maybe, every now and then, try that something he wants. Of course, don’t ever do things that are really against what you want because you always have to feel comfortable. But, keep in mind that variety is something that brings excitement in your relationship. If things stay the same for a long time, it becomes boring and one of you will get tired of it eventually.

2. Be in control every now and then


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He doesn’t want you to be passive all the time. Take control for a change and show him what it’s like to be under your control. Own it and mean it. There is nothing that will get his motor running more than you showing some initiative. It will surprise and turn him on at the same time.

3. They like to be praised

No man will tell you this upfront, but they like to hear they’re good in bed. They like to hear that whatever they are doing, they are doing it right. This gives them confidence and the will to be better than before. Men are not that different from women when it comes to sex. They like to be complimented because it boosts their sexual confidence and it makes them feel more powerful, so automatically, they will try harder.

4. There is more to them than just their ‘tool’

The penis is not the only erogenous zone on a man’s body and you don’t have to go straight to the center. You can explore. They like pleasure like women do and they have so many different spots on their bodies they like to have kissed and licked. They will never tell you this because they are afraid you will stop touching them altogether. But, next time you’re being intimate with someone, try touching their chest, their inner thighs and their face. When you’re down there, remember that men love when you play gently with their testicles. It will drive them insanely crazy.


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5. It’s not that much big of a deal if they don’t get off

There are so many reasons for that and it’s not you. You are good enough and it’s not possible that you are not hot enough because men don’t give a damn about that. Sex is sex for them and it doesn’t have to do anything with being attractive. Maybe they are just not in the mood or they don’t feel you’re connected. Maybe they are tired and stressed. There can be millions of other reasons why they didn’t finish—and none of them is you.

6. They would like and wait for it………more sex, of course

This one is not that surprising, is it? Men are horny all the time and if you ask them, they would like to have sex every single day, even more than once or twice. It’s just how things work with them. Also, it hurts them when you turn them down because it makes them feel unwanted. They express their emotional connection through sex and when there is no sex, they feel left out and unloved. I’m not saying that you should turn into his sex toy and hop every time he says jump, but just take into consideration, if you really love him, that even sometimes when you don’t feel quite like being intimate, it would mean so much to him if you do it anyway. And also, I’m sure, you’ll change your mind somewhere halfway through it.


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