5 Signs That Your Partner Is Trustworthy




It’s hard to trust someone when you’re in a new relationship. You haven’t seen all of your partner’s true colors yet, and you’re probably afraid of getting hurt. Distrust is not something you want to have in your relationship, as it can lead to lack of intimacy as well as other issues. Don’t let your trust issues get in the way of a potentially great relationship. Here are a few tips that will help you realize your partner’s trustworthiness.
They don’t have “little white lies”
Do you notice your partner lying about “small” things to their friends or relatives? A little white lie is a major red flag in a relationship and can tell you a lot about your new partner. Does your partner seem like they’re always hiding something, or “forgets” to mention certain things? If your partner finds a need to lie about small situations, they’re probably not the most trustworthy person.


They have long lasting friendships
Do they still hang out with one of their high school best friends? If they have friendships that have lasted for years, that’s a sign that other people trust them. People who have known them for years find your partner trustworthy, so why shouldn’t you?


Actions are louder than words
When they make a mistake, they own up to it. Untrustworthy people constantly try to justify their actions, yet they still make the same mistakes. Trustworthy people don’t need to convince everyone that they’re deserving of trust. They let their actions speak for themselves.


They are consistent
They stick to their promises and they give everything they do all of their devotion. When they make plans, they rarely cancel. They work hard and you can always trust them to get the job done and be there for you when you need them.


They trust you
Trust is a two-way street, and in order for you to trust them, they should be able to trust you. Trust is a major key to a happy relationship, and without trust from either of you, it won’t work. Instead of being so wary of one another, try to talk out trust issues and prove that there is complete honesty between the two of you.



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