10 Things Nobody Tells You About Sex




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If you are still a virgin, there are probably a lot of thoughts in your head. You are thinking about stuff that can happen during intercourse and you are trying to learn everything about sex so you don’t act like a dummy once you get under the sheets. But you know what? Every act of sexual intercourse is a story in itself. Even people who have been sexually active for a long time can sometimes have bad sex and beginners can get lucky and have the best sex of their life.

So, here are some things that nobody told you about sex or things you didn’t know in time. Don’t worry if you weren’t able to lose your virginity yet or if you needed a lot of time to actually do it properly. Remember that good things don’t happen overnight!

1. It is okay not to have an orgasm

If you have sex with a man you love and you are so focused on having an orgasm, there is a chance that you won’t reach one. The catch is that you need to relax and enjoy it. Sex is all about giving all of you to your partner, making him and yourself happy and pleased. There is no room for thinking and analyzing about whether you did something wrong or right. If you behave like that, your partner will see that you are not relaxed and he will start feeling nervous as well. So, no matter whether it is your first time or not, just relax and enjoy.

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2. You won’t feel different after losing your virginity

I know it is a big deal to lose your virginity, especially for girls, but trust me, you won’t feel any different than you are. Nobody will be able to see that you are not a virgin anymore so don’t freak out that you might have a sign on your forehead saying that you had sex. It is all in your head and to some extent it is okay to feel like that. It is something that you can lose only once so it should be important to you. Let it be important to you but try to act as normal as you can. Enjoy your life and explore sex as much as you want.

3. Sex isn’t always good

What is good sex anyway? Does it mean that you had great sex if you orgasmed? The catch is that many people believe in porn and the things that happen there. But you should know that sex isn’t always fabulous. It can sometimes be sad or bad. People can have sex with others just for revenge on their ex. They can do it for a big amount of wrong reasons. They can do it just because their partner wants it and not because they want it. Anyway, you shouldn’t believe everything that you see or read because things are not always what they seem.

4. You will sometimes cry during sex


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Sometimes you will have the most beautiful, the most sensual and the most sexual experience with the man you are madly in love with. And in the middle of things, you will just start crying. For no valid reason. You will want to know why you are crying but you won’t know why. And you will be confused about that. It has happened to most women because they experienced something beautiful and they couldn’t even imagine that they would ever feel that way. So, just cry, the right one will understand you.

5. Sex can be great with strangers just like with a loved one

Even if you can’t imagine having sex with a random man, it can happen when you least expect it. You could have a fight with your partner or be angry at him and sleep with the first man that you bump into. And sex with him might be better than with your long-term partner. It depends on if you are relaxed enough, it depends on your mood and your emotions toward the one you love. Some women have said that the best sex they had was with a stranger who helped them take revenge on their cheating partner. So, nothing is impossible.

6. It can be awkward sometimes

Sure it can, especially if you are doing it for the first time. You won’t know how to switch positions or you will be ashamed of some noises that can happen during sex. Also, you will catch yourself moaning and you thought that nothing in this world would ever make you feel that way. But whatever happens, don’t make a big fuss about it and just laugh at things like that because the rest of the world experiences the same things.

7. Don’t worry if you queef during sex


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It is not pleasant to hear this sound but it is just a reaction of your body. So, whatever happens, don’t worry and just enjoy the moment. We are all human beings after all and you shouldn’t be ashamed of things like that. Maybe it will be awkward the first time but the longer you have sex with the same person, it will become a part of your sex routine. The most important thing is to accept things that you cannot change. As simple as that!

8. You can get injured during sex

And when this happens for the first time, it will be hilarious! Can you imagine yourself riding a guy and hitting the wall at a crucial moment? I know, I know, it can be nasty but things like that really happen to most couples. Also, another common injury is hitting your man with your elbow while trying to get on top of him. Things like this are awkward but you shouldn’t feel bad for being a little bit clumsy like that. The more you practice, the better your performance will be.

9. You will make strange faces


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Different people react in different ways when they have sex. Some of them won’t even moan while they are coming but some of them will have strange facial expressions, especially when they are about to climax. So, if you also can’t control the way your face looks while having sex, don’t worry because it is not a big deal. It is just a sign that you are enjoying it and having a good time. Your way of expressing your feelings doesn’t need to be the same as other people’s and that is more than okay.

10. If it is done wrong, it can hurt pretty badly

You probably heard about all those stories about having painful sex for the first time. Why do you think that happens? In most cases, sex hurts because a woman is not aroused enough for easy penetration. When the tissue is dry and your partner tries to get into you, it will hurt you. That’s why you can help yourself by using different lubes that can make the whole process much easier. Don’t be ashamed if you can’t get aroused easily because many women have the same problem. We are not like guys who can turn themself on in a second but we need longer foreplay to make things work.


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